Fixing mrs. Feetka (4.10.17)

Camilo spent the day in medical coma while I stared at the hospital’s wall for 6 hours straight. But luckily, the surgery on his foot went well.

Mrs. is fixed.

Visit Stockholm. Ride a bus into the water. (#terminaldays #2 4.1-4.2.17)

Today is my terminal day and I want: to see Stockholm, ride a bus into the water, and have really delicious Japanese food that isn’t sushi.

Check, check and checkcheckcheck!

I fell in love with Stockholm. I hope that sometime in the next few years we’ll get a chance to actually live there for a while and discover the city’s summer glory. There’s just so much history in the centuries-old buildings, and so much magic in the 14 islands and all its bridges. The city has immense character.

When I was in Albany there was this ‘duck’ bus that would do bus tours of the city, and then drive into the Hudson River full-speed. I was always perplexed about the whole operation.. what for? why? and, how the hell? Ironically, there was one of those in Stockholm, and we actually got on it, because Camilo’s foot wasn’t healthy enough to walk. And, it was a ton of fun! 

My delicious okonomiyaki😍


The dino hunt (3.29.17)

The fun part of getting an Etsy order is over. Now, I actually have to fulfill those orders!

Sleeves rolled up, coffee ready. And then, realization: oh shit. I have no dinos and no packaging supplies.

I literally went to 9 Dollar Trees stores, 2 Michaels and 1 Joann’s stores before I gave up, and only because my car had a giant nail in one of its tires. Stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed- these were not the feelings I ever imagined I’d have over a pair of dinos in frames.

Somehow, I made it. I was able to fulfill one of my orders with a different dino than pictured on the order, and I actually drove two hours to hand-deliver the other order.

It WAS a success!


Abby's dinosaurs.JPG
Order no. 2: Abby’s dinos.


First TWO Etsy orders! (3.28.17)

I couldn’t sit still at work today. At 11:59AM my first order came in for two frames. 

I lost my shit.

I’m actually making money on this thing? AH! 

AND THEN! Around 3PM another one came in. I actually thought someone (uhmCamilo) was fucking with me- there’s no way- I thought. 

Nope, it wasn’t a lie! It was real life. I got my first orders in! Now, I had to actually filfill them…

Indulge in Korean spa goodness. Write your story. (#terminaldays #1, 3.25-3.26)

Earlier this week, I heard this amazing ted talk by Ricardo Semler. I love all of the ideas he introduces in the talk- the guy is so wise. I immediately wanted to implement his ‘terminal days’ in my own life.

So, I did. I proclaimed Sundays my terminal days- those are days when I pretend I’m about to die. Morbid? Maybe, but sobering too.

So, what would I do if I was about to die? Apparently, I’d go to a Korean spa (priorities!) and have a load of Korean food (PRIORITIES), I’d buy music festival tickets, and, I’d write a long piece about me, my family and the values I hold dear.

Thank you, universe. That was a really nice weekend 🙂