Biking NJ-Brooklyn (08.06.2016-08.07.2016)

TMJ: On Saturday we cycled from NJ to Brooklyn for the first time! It was easier than expected. First stop, Thai food. I don’t think we ever started an adventure on an empty stomach. It’s against the code of conduct.

Bellies filled with fried rice and curry, we headed to Hoboken Path station. Once there, we loaded up the bikes on the train and headed to WTC.

Our bikes at the station. and Cami creepin’.
From there, we took the Brooklyn Bridge. I haven’t walked the bridge in easily 8 years, so biking through it was a wonderful reminder of its glory.

You really cant take a bad photo on this bridge.
The Brooklyn Bridge was a marvel of its time, and it remains a national inspiration of big dreams and successful accomplishments. To me, this bridge is a symbol of everything American- designed by an immigrant, then build by immigrants, and now standing strong and still attracting thousands of fascinated tourists.

Last stop, Brooklyn. We had great margaritas, Japanese food and a few uncomfortable conversations with Camilo.  It was good to meet with Reva and Joe though! I love them.

On Sunday, we made food and went sailing for the 6th time this season. Weekend was a great success.

WILT: Bomberman= fireman, in the language of the Camilisimos.

Ralph Modjeski- 20th century Polish civil engineer.  I thought he designed the Brooklyn Bridge, but I was wrong, it was some German guy. Modjeski designed the Manhattan Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge in SF.

Manhattan Bridge, designed by Ralph Modjeski

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