Lebanese food (8.17.2016)

TMJ: Well, the  day started off quite grim with some (mostly bratty) job frustrations (from my side only, Cami actually got a raise the same day!).  

Head up- the day ended in a fabulous meal with my favorite people at Naya Mezze &Grill

We had the most creamy hummus I’ve ever had, tabouli (which evidently you’re supposed to put on lettuce leaves like a little boat to eat it), kibbeh (meatballs) and grilled meat. I absolutely love the Lebanese cuisine- it’s this summer’s best discovery.

WILT: Arak, the Lebanese national alcohol, is to be served 1 part liquor, 2 parts water. The water immediately turns the liquor white. I hate anise so this was torture to swallow, but the aftertaste is sweet and the effects are quick 😉

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