Annual rafting party (8.20-8.21.2016)

TMJ: Super fun AND productive weekend. Saturday: Boobs&Tubes annual rafting event, numero 4. I think year’s event was the most fun thus far (possibly because we had our fav roomies with us). 

In fact, we had so much fun that we ran out of booze.

Protecting the innocent

Sunday: rainy day- perfect- it’s a coffee shop date day. I was able to get my latest #chalktheb project up and running, though much more work needs to be done to be able to say ‘it’s launched, world, have fun’. This is my attempt at trying to move the needle on voter turnout this election season.Who knows if it will actually do a dang thing but it’s worth a try.
The B

I also managed to plan both trips- NH hiking (in exhausting detail) and Spain (broad strokes).

In the evening, we cleaned and finally got our world map up on the wall. We also did 30 minutes of yoga, and which felt awful (but was a good start).

WILT: slacklining is NOT an Olympic sport, but if it were, this Brazilian girl would score gold:

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