Living in Dubai VS living in Kuwait (8.24.2016)

TMJ: Cami and I woke up early to have breakfast at the coffee shop on Park (their dirty chai is delicious!). We practiced our languages over breakfast, which was my (secret) favorite thing we’ve done all week. He barked on me for explaining too much of Polish grammar, but that was quite fine. He has a weird (super sloppy?!) way of learning only pronounciation, but if it works for him then it works for me. Meanwhile, I plowed away with Memrise advanced spanish vocab.

Right after breakfast we saw another apartment next to our house, which was overpriced for the condition, size and location. I think we will move forward with an offer on the apartment on Park (the dirty chai has nothing to do with it;)).

In the afternoon I saw my dentist who concluded it’s too early for Invisalign. My frenum needs more time to heal. I’ll be back in a week.

At night, roomies + Christelle’s Lebanese friend who lives in Dubai/Kuwait got some wine and Thai food.  I learned a lot about life in the Middle East. A few conclusions:

  • Living in Dubai would be entertaining but tiring- the temperature is unbearable the whole year soeveryone ends up living inside buildings.
  • Living in Kuwait would be impossible not because of the climate (which is even worse than Dubai) but because of the limits placed on women and all of the religious laws (i.e. You can’t be out on the street during prayer time or you get arrested. At your third offense you get deported from the country).


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