5am wake up call (8.25.2016)

TMJ: I’m reallyyyy not good about waking up in the morning. It’s not that I sleep in or can’t wake up, no. It’s that I lay in bed half awake for 30-60 minutes. It just feels soo damn goooood… To be alive and aware that I’m in a comfy bed, with cold sheets all around me and the babe snoring next to me. Literally my ultimate pleasure. However, it is also the most ‘wasted’ hour of my  day and some day I will make a commitment to work on it. Not now though.

I digress. Today I got none of that. Today I had a 5am wake up call and a slightly hungover 3 hour drive to Albany. I was not a happy camper.

The day didn’t turn around once I got to work. I was tired, low on energy and super busy. To the point that I did not feel capable of handling my 3rd interview today. I rescheduled.

After work Cami nearly missed his bus to Albany– he literally ran  2 avenues and caught the bus stopped on the light. He made it to the hotel just in time to take a nap.

WILT: http://ipaidabribe.com/  — super cool tech tool to report corruption.

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