Pre-interviewnitus (8.30.16)

TMJ: I had my 3rd interview today, which means that I suffered from pre-interviewnitus all day (*State of complete uselessness. Diagnosed when one is  incapable of doing anything but staring at their interview calendar invite.)

The interview was a cold wake up call to my non-existent technical knowledge. Ugh. I keep excusing myself, saying that in my line of work I don’t need to speak computer language, that I just need to speak people’s language. Not true. This interview was proof that I need to be better.  I need to know more.

Camilo to the rescue- he spent the entire way home teaching me, repeating himself, quizzing me. Poor guy. 

WILT: A summary of basic concepts from our car discussion: 

  • Function- piece of code that serves two purposes: compartmentalizes logic and reduces repetition of code
  • Library- set of code that provides a group of functions with a clear interfaces 
  • API is a description of that interface and the interface itself 

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