DC sickness (9.20.2016)

TMJ: I got to DC last night.  The night had some amazing events- seeing Lizy, chatting with Smiles, enjoying the wine and gossip- and some less fortunate events- getting super sick and twisting my neck at night.

Today, I’m nauseous, congested and dizzy.  Oh, and I can’t turn my neck at all. Great.

Of course, today was the one day I really wanted to function like a human.  I had a Gabr dinner reception at night, but I just couldn’t make it through the day.  I gave up, adviled-up, and got on the next bus to New York.  All I wanted was my home, my shower, and my bed.


  • Kenya leads the world in mobile money.  M-Pessa is something like a mobile bank, and it is the country’s largest phone based money transfer service.  9 in 10 adults in Kenya have m-pessa. Bonus fact: pesa in Swahili means money.
  • Koreans is shifting to a cashless society– their goal is to be cashless by 2020

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