Dad is sick (9.22.2016)

TMJ: Today was exhausting.

I broke the new job news to HR and the rest of my bosses. It was quite uplifting to hear how supportive they were of the career shift (even though the project is doomed without me, Seth and others who are leaving).

My dad was supposed to have his procedure today, but again, they were not able to do it. His veins are sealed shut. This basically means that dad has 1 option left: take drugs and prey. If he dramatically changes his lifestyle, there’s a small chance that his body will bounce back enough to have the procedure, which would help his heart. But that change is very, very, very unlikely for reasons I hate, but understand.

I heard this quote today: you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you experience it. So, I plan to enjoy my time left with my dad, regardless how annoying that may actually turn out to be in reality.


  • To tackle ‘throwaway culture’ Sweden gives tax breaks for repairs- and employs immigrants to fix clothes (and other articles). Brilliant.
  • Heard on BBC news: Guy in Tanzania fathered 76 children and has around 300 grandchildren. He is now building a school for them… Talk about a huge education bill.
  • Improperly released pet goldfish have spawned, swollen to the size of footballs, migrated, interbred with other species and become an ecological nightmare in places ranging from Australia to Nevada.

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