The anxiety (9.23.2016)

TMJ: I was looking at my calendar today and it hit me like train: omg, omg. So much to do, so many people and things to see, so many things…

I started frantically scribbling down all of the things I want to do before I quit my job.

  • See Maciek, Miha, Kristina and Zorana, Austin, Lauren, Jay Z, Amanda
  • Say goodbye to all the work staff: DOS, NYBE, Fellowship
  • See Prof. Koslowski and Prof. Rougle
  • Start the gov. innovation project
  • Move the refugees project
  • Birth chalk the b?
  • See the Storm King Art Center
  • Take a stroll around the UA campus

Add to this a page long checklist of things I have to do to close my job and hand off my responsibilities. Oh, lordy.

WILT: James Altucher/ Stephen Dubner wisdom:

  • Public speaking tip: when you’re giving a speech, tighten your butt cheeks.  It will force you to straighten up, which will open your lungs. Air calm down your pounding heart.
  • Negotiation tip: don’t say the first number.  Instead, propose a formula that will get you and the other party to the number.  However, do the research ahead of time to propose a formula that benefits you.  That way, your opponent will think you’re being fair, when in reality you’re #winning.

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