The job quitters (9.21.2016)

TMJ: Telling your favorite boss that you’re quitting is like breaking up with a really nice guy. ‘I’m so sorry, it’s not you, I swear. It’s meee. Don’t ask me to stay cuz I will and we both know that’s not the best option for either one of us.’

I did it.  10/14 is my last day. 10/17 is my first day at the new gig.  I don’t know, I’m slightly terrified, actually.  This actually means my entire life will sort of flip. No work travel, no government, no Albany.

I’m definitely in a denial phase.  I just keep going as if nothing is happening.  On the back of my mind there’s this little gnome that keeps repeating ‘But what if it doesn’t work out? They’ll surely fire you after 2 weeks when they discover you’re A FRAUD.  Be serious.  Back out while you can.’ Ugh. Go away, gnome, I gotta focus.

On a better note, I’m feeling slightly better today.  Neck pain nearly disappeared after a solid night in my own bed.  I even attended the opening night of the ‘Key of Life’ Caravan exhibition at the Riverside Church. I am a huge fan of using art in peace building.  Art is the bridge, the common language that all of us understand and admire.

WILT: The Statue of Liberty was supposed to have a sister statue and lighthouse in Egypt. The statue of a veiled Egyptian peasant woman holding a lantern was going to be situated at the entrance to the Suez Canal.  The statue was going to be called “Egypt Carrying Light to Asia”.  The project never happened due to budgetary issues.

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