First Fall weekend (09.24-09.25.2016)

TMJ: Camilo-Magda quality time is like Oxi Clean to my productivity. I love it. Despite my new job anxiety, I managed to have a blissful weekend full of great food and fun activities, and I don’t even feel guilty.

On Saturday, we properly woke up after 10AM. We got in our speed machine and drove to the Korean joint for brunch. After a pound of rice, eggs and shaved rice, we classically talked about getting on a diet sometime in our lives. Not today.

In the afternoon, we went (/biked to) sailing with Chris and Elliot. It was an incredible day for a sail… Sun blazing, comfortable temperature, wind steadily puffing. We were on the water for 4+ hours; for about half that time Camilo and I were balancing the ‘wing on wing’ sail. It was beautiful.

On Sunday (after having non-diet quantities of Indian buffet) we biked to Manhattan to see the MSF ‘Forced from Home’ exhibition. The experience reminded me again of how lucky I am to have been born in a country that is free of war. And, how lucky I am to have won a free ticket to an even wealthier nation, where my biggest fears are -quite literally- obesity and heavy traffic. The world is a cruel and unfair roulette. I happen to beat the odds twice, both times by complete accident. I don’t ever take these accidents for granted. I am thankful every day.

WILT: 65.3 million people have been forced from home. 21.3 million of the world’s displaced people are refugees. The rest are internally displaced. 54% of refugees worldwide come from 3 countries: Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria.

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