First Presidential Debate (09.26.2016)

TMJ: I listened to the Trump-Hillary debate while driving to Albany today. Two things:

1. AM stations are only right wing or Christian

2. I screamed and nearly caused 7 accidents, not because I’m a terrible driver (which I am) but because I heard the Trumpster bigot vitriol.  It’s not even the guy, it’s more that half of this country actually thinks this clown can be president??!! HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS?!!! I just can’t.

I also cannot stand the double standard that everyone – the people, the media, the parties- holds the two candidates to.  She can’t even cough, because that will render her unfit to run. He can interrupt her (and the moderator) 50+ times, lie, scream, and not pay taxes and he will still be fine. Infuriating.

Enough. Tom Friedman said it all anyway.

Well, okay, one more thing.  I loved one quote during the debate that got zero publicity.  At some point, Hillary was asked about police brutality and if she thought cops were biased.  She said something along the lines– listen, we are all biased. That rang so true with me.

In other big news…. I got Invisalign put on today 🙂 And, I realized that I never took a close-up picture of my teeth, so I took one today – for you, my babies, who will never meet the gap. [oh hell no, I won’t put it up here, but I did take one]

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