Bad expensive wine (9.28.2016)

TMJ: I had a few really good meetings today at Albany DOT.  One of these days where I am surrounded by smart, driven people committed to making this government faster, better and friendlier.  I’m going to miss it here.

I also bought some new winter boots.  Really warm ones, because all kinds of weather channels (including my mom’s infallible bird and berry bush observing) are screaming: this one is gonna be a white one. Ugh.  I hate winter.

Around 9PM, I picked up Camilo. We had a little date at Brown’s and the Confectionery in Troy. Yuk, the Confectionery’s wine isn’t great.  I rarely do this, but I asked to try a few different kinds of wine, ended up going with a glass of the most expensive one, and I STILL didn’t like it. Apparently the wine comes from all organic, sustainable, women owned wineries, all of which I totally love…. [all but the taste.]

WILT: Gingko Bilboa trees have been around for 270,000,000 years. They were the only things that didn’t die during the Hiroshima bombing.

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