Immigrants visit the Lady Liberty (10.1-10.2.16)

TMJ: My parents came to the United States 12 years ago. They’ve travelled quite a bit throughout the United States, but to this day they have not yet seen the Statue of Liberty.

My dad’s dream has been to visit the statue on our own sailboat. However, I’ve since learned that the water around the island is shallow and tricky to navigate. There’s also a very real chance that my mom would refuse to step on a boat with my dad. She may be the smartest one in the family; dad’s navigational track record isn’t exactly flawless- he’s flipped a sailboat twice (my mom aboard), fell with 6 year old Ms. Magda on a motorbike, and hit at least a few dear with the car.

Today, 10/1/16, is just as good of a day for a proper 5th grade field trip as any day.

Finally.  They made it.

Dad got quite a workout. He walked 1/3 way around the statue, climbed stairs on Ellis island and sprinted across the Liberty park to the next bench in sight.

After the statue, Camilo and I took my parents to the Chart House in Weehawken.  It made me so happy to be able to take them to a nice restaurant.  I’m fairly sure this was the fanciest place they have ever been to.  We only had some cocktails because of course, my parents have the poor man’s anxiety when it comes to bills, even if they are not paying.

I spent the rest of the weekend with the family – talking over wine, fixing our car and entertaining my nephews.  On Sunday, I went to Albany where I worked on launching the refugee registry.

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