The day Magda eats EVERYTHING (9.30.2016)

TMJ: Magda on Monday: omg, this Invisalign is so painful, I am definitely gonna lose weight and become the sexiest babe alive. So awesome. Go Invisalign!

Magda on Friday: omg, this Invisalign is still painful, but I think I got used to the pain so like, let’s eat EVERYTHINGGGG.

That basically sums up my week.

Today we are in Albany, which means hotel breakfast.  It also means lunch with coworkers. Oh, but then Camilo needs to try the Bountiful Bread, so let’s have second lunch. Oh, and how about some Cheesecake factory fatty foodies for dinner, good idea or good idea?!

Food is my weakness, for sure.

So is the Blacklist, which is back. I love James Spader.  He is, hands down, my favorite character (in the series and in real life).  I love his quirkiness, his curiosity and fascination with the odd, the weird and the unusual. I admire his delight with the small things in life.

My dream is to have a stroll in Washington Park with Mr. Spader. I’d ask him about the most memorable dinner of his life, his most cherished moments, the most beautiful night he’s ever experienced. Which place on earth does he come back to and why? I’d want to know about his life ideals, his favorite people, as well as the people that he’s lost respect for and why.  What does he value in life most and why? Endless questions.  I just think that walk would be life changing.

WILT: I had a great conversation with my coworker about the Hajj.  Ahmed just came back from the pilgrimage, which muslim people must take at least once in their lifetime.  I was so curious about the details that he referred me to this compelling video.This whole thing looks like it comes from another world/century.  Especially between 9th and 12th minute where thousands of people are praying/sleeping by the side of a highway, then stoning ‘satan’, then slaughtering an animal and lastly shaving their heads, in that order. Literally. I’d love to witness this with my own eyes one day.

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