10,000 Refugee Children (10.4.2016)

Europol reports about 10,ooo unaccompanied refugee kids missing in Europe.
I really don’t understand how Poland can praise itself in being a Jesus-loving nation when we so easily turn our back to human suffering. I abhor our fake religiousness.

Why do we consider jailing mothers for aborting fetuses that can kill them, but we leave real body, blood and bones children to slavery, prostitution and poverty?

Let’s just be honest here.  We don’t want brown people in your country. Because, you know, they are uncivilized barbarians, who will never understand our  European ways.

So let me just ask you, regular Sunday mass church goer, how can you possibly call a child below 10 barbarian?!  On your next pilgrimage, take a closer look at the image of the Queen of Poland – Matka Czestochowska.  Use that child in her arms as your moral compass.



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