Polish Black March (10.3.2016)

TMJ: Thousands of Polish women have gone on strike in protest against a total ban on abortions. Today, Poland already has one of the strictest abortion laws in the European Union.  There are only 3 cases under which a woman can legally have an abortion:

  1. When the woman’s life or health is endangered by the continuation of pregnancy,
  2. When the pregnancy is a result of a criminal act, or
  3. When the fetus is seriously malformed

The proposed legislation aims to take away those three exceptions. This would mean that pregnant women whose life is in danger, would still need to deliver.  In case of an abortion, the woman and the doctor administering the procedure would be immediately sent to jail.

This law would put Poland back to stone ages, where women’s life is clearly worth nothing.

Women protested.  They didn’t go to work. Instead, dressed in black they took to main city squares.

They won. The right-wing government of Kaczynski is already pulling out their cards.


  • Swedish guitarist Robi Svard is taking over the Spanish flamenco scene.  This is admirable because it’s nearly impossible to become admitted to the brotherhood as a non-Spaniard. You have to be uniquely talented, which clearly… Robi is.
  • Ballot- comes from the Italian ballotta, or little ball, and a ballot often was a ball, or at least something ballish, like a pea or a pebble or a…bullet

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