The feet(kas) are hurt (10.6.2016)

Camilo is back! He went through some superhero hoops to make it back home, while I was comfortably snoring in our bed for the first time this week. Turns out that Charleston is temporarily cut off from the world, awaiting the storm, literally. Most residents moved out, businesses shut down and roads were blocked off, including the ones leading to the airport. Poor Cami had to run 5 miles to the airport in his worn out Toms.

(There are two special things about the above image of a feetka that shall remain anonymous. First, shit looks-:nasty:- I mean- painful. Second, this is an airplane floor. Shit is nasty.)

Shamefully, I did not meet Camilo at the airport. I showered which took way too much time and by the time I was leaving Cami was already waiting for an uber. #faceslap. I did make some breakfast though! Zapiekanki and honey dew-banana smoothie with chia seeds. Girl knows the way to her babe’s heart.

In the afternoon I got my eyelashes done again, which like, makes me feel slightly embarrassed :-/ I’m not quite comfortable with this high maintenance life, but truth be told, I secretly enjoy womanly beauty thingies, so there we go again… long eyelash Magdalena is back.

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