Last day in Albany (10.12.2016)

TMJ: Today is my last day in the Albany office. Feels just like another day.  I got a drink with Holly, Sarah and Anton at the end of the day and that was it. Goodbye. You’ll be missed.


WILT: hydra (n.) – originally a mythical monster (a snake with lots of heads that would regrow if you chopped them off). A hydra is a problem that’s really, really hard to solve because it’s so complicated and so persistent.

10I: List of situations that make me uncomfortable:

  • No makeup in public
  • On the beach when I’m not in my best shape…
  • When people buy stuff for me. I immediately feel bad and want to buy stuff for them.
  • On a stage
  • When I’m not dressed well in a fancy place
  • If someone made me do standup comedy or improvise something.  That’s like my worst nightmare.
  • Speaking foreign languages when I don’t know quite what I’m doing or if I have a strong accent.
  • Failing
  • When someone reads my writing

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