Volunteering at the shelter (3.22.17)

We volunteered at the shelter today for the last time this year. A really nice Brazilian lady who cooked the food recommended that we check out the Whitney Museum- her favorite spot in NYC. We also learned a lot about Trinidad from one of the ladies who stays at the shelter.

I have to say, I hate spending nights at the shelter. I am never able to sleep, ever. But those sleepless nights are a reminder of my fortune- my safe home, my good job and my family that would never abandon me on the street. Just with that- I am so much more ahead than many. 

Recently, I read someone say ‘If you feel the need to give back, you probably took too much.’ It’s true- I’ve been given so much and I always took it for granted. I never asked- who am I to deserve an amazing mother/brother/husband/other? I just took it for what it is and always felt like I deserve everything I get. When really… I just happen to have hit the jackpot.

Also, there’s this view in the morning:

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