The dino hunt (3.29.17)

The fun part of getting an Etsy order is over. Now, I actually have to fulfill those orders!

Sleeves rolled up, coffee ready. And then, realization: oh shit. I have no dinos and no packaging supplies.

I literally went to 9 Dollar Trees stores, 2 Michaels and 1 Joann’s stores before I gave up, and only because my car had a giant nail in one of its tires. Stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed- these were not the feelings I ever imagined I’d have over a pair of dinos in frames.

Somehow, I made it. I was able to fulfill one of my orders with a different dino than pictured on the order, and I actually drove two hours to hand-deliver the other order.

It WAS a success!


Abby's dinosaurs.JPG
Order no. 2: Abby’s dinos.


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