Visit Stockholm. Ride a bus into the water. (#terminaldays #2 4.1-4.2.17)

Today is my terminal day and I want: to see Stockholm, ride a bus into the water, and have really delicious Japanese food that isn’t sushi.

Check, check and checkcheckcheck!

I fell in love with Stockholm. I hope that sometime in the next few years we’ll get a chance to actually live there for a while and discover the city’s summer glory. There’s just so much history in the centuries-old buildings, and so much magic in the 14 islands and all its bridges. The city has immense character.

When I was in Albany there was this ‘duck’ bus that would do bus tours of the city, and then drive into the Hudson River full-speed. I was always perplexed about the whole operation.. what for? why? and, how the hell? Ironically, there was one of those in Stockholm, and we actually got on it, because Camilo’s foot wasn’t healthy enough to walk. And, it was a ton of fun! 

My delicious okonomiyaki😍


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