Low fuel day (8.29.2016)

TMJ: Back from NH, but still in Albany. Exhausted today- didn’t sleep much last night. Let’s just say that Cami and I ‘discussed’ a lot until early hours of the morning last night. Per usual, I didn’t sleep after we were done ‘discussing’ while Cami snored the night away (to be fair, I woke him up several times).


These giys are the best hiker food. Indian in a bag!
10I: I’m starting a new habit (huge thanks to James Altucher for the idea). At least twice a week I’ll attempt to generate 10 ideas on a random topic. Today’s 10 ideas are self-experiments I’d like to do at some point in my life:

  • Practice befriending strangers- talking to a new person every day
  • Be grateful every minute of the day
  • Smile- all.the.time
  • Don’t complain for a month
  • Don’t gossip
  • Live without chocolate
  • Live healthy
  • Survive on only cash and record every cent spent
  • Learn martial arts/dance/any sport well enough to compete
  • Draw one thing every day (alt. take one pic a day)
  • No makeup for a month 
  • Live ashram life (alt. minimalist with yoga) for a month
  • Speak only in Spanish for a month
  • Meditate
  • Eat very slowly
  • Play an instrument

Whoa, the list is more like my self-improvement list, but that’s okay. Good start.